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Collected - Wordworks

Donald Judd - by Nick Barker
He liked to keep things straight
He liked to keep things level
He liked to listen to the bagpipes
They say he worshipped the devil
One Hour Before Midnight - by Rob Jacobs
All that glistens could be gold
In the hands that we held
They passed it on
Then passed me by
Heavy pebbles in my palm
'Grey then are they?'
'Then what?'
Turn around and there they are
Not broadcast
Dropped like a plot
'An unrehearsed hectare?'
Never straight always fragmented
Silver is grey
Post Card 1 - Patrick Gordon
August to September seamless
Always late enough before it goes to seed
It's coming on very fast
Nearly dark at eight thirty
The sky a different shade of blue
Round a corner
Through a tunnel
Now then
Never ask why
Birth of The Inverse - by Rob Jacobs
You had something
To show me
From the bottom of the pile
Processed, Etched, Cut
I was anticipating
You discerning
Then the lid was lifted on the box of none
Laurence Olivier - by Rob Jacobs

A stain
I am but a stain
The cat in season whined
Then the siren whaled

My other time began
My starey, starey night
Light on action